1. The game starts on the 1st of April 2007 and ends on the 30th of April 2007. Accordingly the last entered order would be on the 30th of April 2007 at 1.00 sharp
  2. Users are given a hypothetical AED 1,000,000 to begin the trade
  3. Users are permitted to trade with shares
  4. The winning users would be the ones who achieve the highest net profit percentage
  5. Trading can only be executed during the actual trading hours of Dubai Financial Market from 10.00am to 1.00pm (UAE time). Transactions placed after the trading hours will be executed the following working day
  6. Users cannot modify nor amend entered trades however they can only delete it
  7. Users can view all of their executed trades
  8. Short selling is not permitted. One cannot sell shares he or she does not own
  9. If the opening price is not zero; the limit price should be +/- 15% of opening price
  10. If the opening price is zero; the limit price should be +/- 15% of last day closing
  11. The brokerage commission fee on each and every transaction whether buy or sell would be 65 AED for transaction value less than or equal to 20,000 AED. For transaction value of more than 20,000 AED, a commission fee of 0.00275/AED will be charged.
  12. The game would be accessed from the official website of Dubai Financial Market

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