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“The Stock Game” is one of the services provided by Dubai Financial Market to the community. Its a real simulation of the stock market. It basically allows you to trade stocks freely without risking your money.

The stock Game participants can take part in the game, and trade stocks and shares through the DFM's website ( during official trading hours.

Every participant will have the opportunity to trade with a 'virtual' sum of up to Dhs1m. Players can then track their investments through the website at any time.

This game has helped thousands of students in the UAE over the past six years learn about trading stocks and making investments in financial markets. The game is an invaluable educational tool that gives the participants the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the complexities of share trading, and to prepare them for a possible career in the world of business.

We are confident that our choice ensures that the participants will have an exceptional experience while playing the “Stock Game” as they learn about Dubai Financial Market in depth.

Financial standing for top 10 players
1   Samer Tayseer Sabha 1,311,618.683  
2   Abdulla Almaeeni 1,094,985.720  
3   Helal Mohamed Alazdi 1,082,453.692  
4   AMILA ABBAS 1,081,738.500  
5   Rami Al Sharif 1,076,815.211  
6   Sunny Nandwani 1,073,585.122  
7   WESAM AL THUBHANI 1,068,018.142  
8   Mohammed Aldhfeer 1,064,803.583  
9   Reem Ibrahim 1,060,884.635  
10   Khamis Khaled Jarboua 1,053,944.990  
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